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About Us

DreamHatch Productions


We believe that supporting others is the only way we can grow together. Our mission is to help Asheville and WNC gain a foothold in the world of recognized content producers. We plan on accomplishing this by working with local WNC professionals and helping channel all our separate creative efforts into a concentrated area, promoting us as a whole.



We are prepared to work with any client that is willing to help maintain our vision. We are exploring multiple avenues of film work including, commercials, promotional, industrial, web-series, short and feature length films.

Community Involvement  

We are proponents of helping our fellow creative artist succeed in their endeavors, we too hope you are as dedicated to helping others as well. If you feel like assisting us in our mission we gladly appreciate any help that is offered.  If you are looking to help in any way please contact us through the page below. Thank You, may the odds be forever in your favor. 

DreamHatch Crew

DreamHatch was created by Kevin Patrick Murphy, LB Brown and Drew McDermott. Between the three of them they have decades of experience with Theatre, Film and Production. Their goal is to bring a spotlight back to WNC Cinema and to bolster the new era of the Southeastern Film Industry.  With an over all mission to bring more Film roles and jobs to the Southeast and more specifically WNC.

Drew McDermott
LB Brown
Kevin Patrick Murphy
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